Charlotte Kemp Muhl & Sean Lennon

Charlotte & Sean attending the Chanel S/S 2010 show in Oct 2009.

Looking great with eccentric hats at a fashion show…

…and after one of their gigs in New York.

In New York in Feb (left) and in Paris in Oct 2009 (right).

When it comes to playfulness in fashion and harmonising looks, model/actress/singer Charlotte Kemp Muhl and her boyfriend musician Sean Lennon are certainly in the Top League. I love their finely attuned vintage/costume style.
I have just read a feature about Charlotte in Vogue UK but unfortunately they did not say much about Sean, although I think that the two really make an outstandingly cool couple. Their music isn’t bad either but if you ask me, it’s their fashion style that really deserves attention.

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