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I’m sure you’ve heard: this Thursday, the new, very spacious and very beautiful Chanel boutique opened in Hamburg. Chanel-fanatic that I am I didn’t miss the chance to visit the store on its first day (my credit card will take it amiss – of course, I fell in love with several new gems in the store! … did you know that Chanel does iPhone charms?! I love the kitschy little Russian doll.). Beyond that, spring came to Hamburg for one day (Thursday, it was, too), the cherry blossoms looked very pretty and I had ice cream in my lunch break. What else? My Iro biker gilet, which I had bought at Vestiaire Collective, arrived! I learned that even toothpaste can look pleasing (when it comes from Marvis). And I watched “The Grand Budapest Hotel” in the cinema, which I absolutely loved! Looking forward to the weekend.

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