Girls who are boys (shoewise)


This season we can steal our footwear from the boys. I feel most happy and confident in my black ankle boots anyway (in the many different types that I own – Acne Donna, Chloé Susanna, Acne Pistol, Topshop Arson, … I’m looking at you!) … but I also believe that everybody should own a pair of classic gentleman’s brogues. And nobody can mind some lace-up combat boots (especially not if you like grunge or punk looks – or need a pair of fashionable water-proof boots for autumn). These are my current favourites (from top to bottom): “Type 22″ boots by Adieu, “Fargo” brogues by Topshop, “Vivia” Boots by Michael Kors, classic brogues by Church’s, formal brogues by Valentino, and Dr. Martens

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