December walk


I certainly wouldn’t call myself a sneakers girl (my ever-growing collection of (mostly western style) ankle boots speaks for itself), but there are some sneakers that I actually feel like myself in: my old Converse, for instance, a relict from my teenage years that I still love and wear a lot, as well as my canvas Superga that I couldn’t do without anymore. And now I can proudly add another pair of sneakers to this list: I’d had my eyes on the classic S8-hi Vans for quite a while – because I’ve always loved the shape – and as soon as I put them on, I knew they were right.

After taking a little walk today (it seemed sunny when we went outside – what a misimpression!) I can honestly say that my boots have gotten some competition.






Vintage faux-fur coat (similar here)
T-Shirt by Rarely
Hoodie by Brooks (similar here)
Jeans 505 by Levi’s
Sneakers Sk8-Hi by Vans via Onygo
Bag by Chanel (vintage here)

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