Classics forever


I’m less and less interested in fashion trends and more and more into perfect basics and timeless classics that I’ll hopefully wear for years to come. My sister is going to laugh at this, but I’m currently thinking: “Ok, I really don’t need to buy anything, I’ve got everything I need.”

I’m totally in love with these jeans by M.i.h. Jeans, for instance – they’ve definitely become a new favourite denim brand. The linen blouse I’m wearing here is actually a “fast fashion” piece but I still hope it’ll last for several summers, and my accessories (bag, sunglasses, watch) are all second-hand buys.

Maybe I’ll set myself a “no shopping”-challenge for a few months. I’m confident I can style a hundred outfits around my favourite classics. I just must not get tempted by jewellery, which is definitely my biggest soft spot …




Linen blouse by Zara (similar here)
Bag by Chanel
“Niki” Jeans by Mih Jeans
Sunglasses by Céline
Flats by Jonak

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