Destroyed Denim


I, personally, think blue denim looks best when it’s worn and washed out and a little torn and frayed. If you’re neither patient enough to wait until this happens naturally after a lot of wearing and washing nor particularly talented at denim-DIY to achieve this look, the vintage store will be the best place to shop. Or: you can cheat and buy pieces that already have the perfect vintage look when you shop them brand new.

Won Hundred’s “Dina Trash jacket” is one of these special pieces. And I fell in love with it the second I saw it. Sadly, it was already sold out in my size in the brand’s webshop. After some online research I came across CP113, a supercool concept store from Amsterdam which also has a webshop – and they still had the jacket in my (oversized) size. Thank you, internet!




Won Hundred “Dina Trash” jacket (via CP113)
Vintage Levi’s 501 (via Urban Outfitters)
Tank top by Armed Angels

4 thoughts on “Destroyed Denim

  1. Thats the perfect jacket! Genau so eine Jeansjacke habe ich schon lange gesucht!!! Online scheint sie nun wirklich ausverkauft zu sein :(( Vllt finde ich sie ja noch irgendwo anders. Verrätst du mir welche Größe du im Vergleich zu deiner normalen Größe genommen hast? Sie sitzt nämlich perfekt bei dir!

    Liebe Grüße, Jenny

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