Christmas dinner


Only one more week till Christmas. I’ll be heading off into my holiday break soon, but before I do, I have to enjoy all Christmassy things in the city once again: Christmas markets, Christmas windows, Christmas ballet (I can’t wait!) and fancy Christmas dinners. Apropos dinners: Here’s what I’m wearing tonight: Turtleneck by Uniqlo (similar here) … Read More

Weekend getaway: Weissenhaus


With the current political affairs it’s understandable if sometimes all you want to do is stay in bed and hide from the world. Of course that’s not an option – but what actually helps is a little weekend getaway, to take a break from the daily grind, get some rest and restore your energy. I recently … Read More

Interior inspiration: book shelves and pictures


Maybe it has to do with the change of the season (over the last two weeks it has become so cold that there’s really no doubt anymore that we have arrived in the middle of autumn), and the resulting wish to stay indoors and prepare for hibernation – lately I have caught myself thinking about how to redecorate, … Read More

What I’d like to wear now


Besides black, grey and navy blue I think I’ll add another (not)colour to my wardrobe this autumn: khaki. Until now, it has only appeared in the form of utility jackets and parkas, but I’m suddenly quite excited about khaki-coloured wool coats and sweaters. Here’s what I’d like to wear now – including a perfect pair … Read More