Espadrilles – the summer shoes


Nothing says a) that it’s summer or b) that you’re on holiday quite like Espadrilles on your feet. I love the classic French or Spanisch linen version – and I absolutely don’t mind that they only last one season. After all, they’re cheap and made to be destroyed by the sun, sand and sea salt. However, since last year’s hype for luxury Espadrilles is still tangible (Hello, Chanello! … and not to forget Céline and Valentino!), I put together a mix of luxury, higher-quality and cheap Espadrilles. From top to bottom and left to right: white Topshop leather Espadrilles, light blue leather from Lika Mimika, blue linen from Asos, black fur by Manebi, blue fur by Manebi, and neon yellow canvas also by Manebi, two tone leather by Lika Mimika, striped cotton by Asos, and last but not least legendary Missoni Mare.

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