Travel Diary: Les Hamaques and Catalonia


What comes to your mind when you hear the words “holiday in Spain”? Mallorca? Ibiza? Barcelona, maybe? I recently visited Catalonia and the Costa Brava – and I found beautiful, peaceful countryside, picturesque medieval villages, and small bays with beaches and turquoise water, which were not crowded at all. The starting point for our trip … Read More

City Safari


While my love for Western boots and fringe jackets is everlasting, I have recently added a fondness for animal print shirts and trousers – leopard print, of course (it counts as a basic by now, doesn’t it?), but also tiger as well as zebra prints. … Maybe I’ll be wearing a fedora hat next week and I’ll … Read More

Classics forever


I’m less and less interested in fashion trends and more and more into perfect basics and timeless classics that I’ll hopefully wear for years to come. My sister is going to laugh at this, but I’m currently thinking: “Ok, I really don’t need to buy anything, I’ve got everything I need.” I’m totally in love … Read More