October wishlist


With this post I confirm what I said about the renaissance of my teenage wardrobe. Yes, the plaid skirt, too, is back. However, today I’d like to wear it as a longer, more feminine, less school girl skirt. And definitely I need a pair of heavy, boyish loafers to go with it. From top to bottom: sunglasses by Miu Miu, opal ring by wwake (I am obsessed with opals! Aren’t they the most beautiful stones on this planet?!), jumper by Tibi, plaid skirt by Steffen Schraut, bag by Saint Laurent, and shiny tassle loafers by Mellow Yellow

By the way: I have added a lot of new things to MY STORE – Lala Berlin, Zara, Le Specs, Topshop, French Connection, Pilgrim … Go check it out!

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