What to buy in Copenhagen


I did a quick trip to Copenhagen this week for Copenhagen Fashion Week. Between fashion trade fairs and shows there was just enough free time for a little walk around the city centre and some obligatory shopping.

Because when in Denmark, you have to buy Danish home accessories (I would say “furniture” if it was easier to carry a table or a chair on the train/plane), and jewellery by Danish designers. I did my best to be a good shopper and visited several of my favourite stores within thirty minutes. Those include: Stilleben (beautiful home accessories, furniture, art prints and jewellery … they also have a web shop), Hay House (everything from little bits and bobs – even toothbrushes look pretty here – to stylish furniture and, of course, anything Hay), and the department store Illum (good sections for both home and jewellery).





Here’s what I brought home with me: metal box by Syuro (a Japanese brand), coaster by Chen Chen & Kai Williams (this brand, too, is actually not Danish, but from Brooklyn, NY), key ring by Hay, and tiny earring by Pico.

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