The new denim

Once again, denim plays a central role in the new season’s fashion. We saw indigo coloured denim head-to-toe on the catwalks, witnessed the high-waist flared jeans’ return from the Seventies and we embraced a new kind of jeans: the new boyfriend jeans. Contrary to the very baggy, unflattering “boyfriend jeans” we saw everywhere a few years ago, the new boyfriend jeans are only slightly loose, come with a vintage appeal and make you look like you actually borrowed your man’s jeans. They’re laid-back, while still looking feminine. 

Levi’s gave their classic “501” a little makeover and created the “501 CT” (first picture), whereas Acne was way ahead of the game with the “Pop Vintage” jeans, which have already been around for  a few seasons. Other new boyfriend jeans include (from top to bottom): Topshop’s “Moto Mid-Stone Hayden” jeans, Frame’s “Le Garcon” jeans, Steve J & Yoni P’s “boyfriend” jeans (keep an eye on this Korean design duo), and H&M’s “Girlfriend jeans”.  

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Photos: Levi’s, PR

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