City Safari


While my love for Western boots and fringe jackets is everlasting, I have recently added a fondness for animal print shirts and trousers – leopard print, of course (it counts as a basic by now, doesn’t it?), but also tiger as well as zebra prints. … Maybe I’ll be wearing a fedora hat next week and I’ll … Read More

The New Friendship Bracelets


I’m loving the trend of playful, colourful and somewhat childish jewellery which is currently becoming more and more popular: rainbow beads, mixed with pearls, humorous pendants, shells and letters, … creating a homemade DIY-look but elevated by precious materials. … Just don’t take it too seriously and have fun with it. Maybe even design and … Read More

Trending: Penny loafers


While I’m thrilled about the current renaissance of Western boots (I wear them all the time, every year, whether their a trend or not, but it’s amazing to find such a huge selection in stores now!), there is another shoe trend which has caught my eye: black and white Penny loafers. I think they look just … Read More